ACV-DEF 1650L-DEF-High-Res

AceCube Versatile DEFMODEL (ACV-DEF-1650L)

AceCube Versatile DEF ACV-DEF-1650L has a standalone internal high definition polyurethane tank that can accommodate manual or automatic dispensing

This tank is safely transportable when full of fluids.

Capacity: 1637 Litres

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Available Product Sizes

Optional Accessories


1637 Litres
2613 mm
1179 mm
1295 mm
Outer Tank Thickness
3 mm
Inner tank Thickness
15 mm
Weight, Tare
800 kg
Weight, Laden
2122 kg
Safe Fuel Fill Level
1555 Litres

Approvals and Certifications

Accessories for AceCube Versatile DEF ACV-DEF-1650L


Ad-Blue Pumps


Ad-Blue Meters


Ad-Blue Nozzles


Ad-Blue Hose



The DEF/AdBlue Range is the go to fuelling solution across the oil supply , construction, rental , farming sectors. The tank can be used for any number of direct DEF fuelling applications, including providing bulk DEF supply to on-site water pumps or critical power generators.


The DEF/AdBlue Tank Range is widely used as a direct DEF source in critical situations. Its flexible and innovative design allows it to be easily moved to site, it has been designed with safety in mode and come with a large pedestrian secure door to which houses the dispensing equipment securely .


The DEF/AdBlue Tank Range is the perfect choice for storage of DEF with its innovative design it protects the environment against spillage making it the ideal choice for standby requirements on gas station forecourts, construction site, quarries and farms.

Enhanced Design Features

Unique Design Standard

The DEF/AdBlue Tank comes complete with side forklift pockets and top lifting apparatus. The innovative design has a large floor to roof walk in pedestrian door which allows the dispensing pump and accessories to be securely positioned. There is an easily accessible manhole cover positioned on he roof of the tank to allow ease of for routine inspection and maintenance .

Dispensing & Accessibility

The DEF/AdBlue Tank comes equipped with a spacious equipment chamber which engages a bespoke universal bracket system that can support retractable hose reels, along with a variety of pump dispensing kits, electric pumps. The design is ideal for the fitting and housing of DEF fluid management systems.

Maintenance & Environment

To ensure efficient and unencumbered routine maintenance and inspection procedures the tank is accessible through its ingenious tank in tank design it allows the outer protection tank and inner tank to have visual inspections in case of any breach that may occur. This flexible design ensures a minimal amount of downtime and thus increases over long term ROI.

Environmental Protection

The DEF/AdBlue Bunded Storage tank range from 350L to 2650L is manufactured to the highest quality standards and latest innovations and comes with certified coded welding technic’s. Guaranteeing it for safe and secure long life usage.

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