Our Company

DyMac Canada is an authorized Canadian distributor of DyMac Global products for the Canadian market. DyMac Global products are designed, constructed and certified to meet the highest international standards for fuel handling.

DyMac Canada was established in 2007 to develop a range of robust and innovative tanks, that could manage the refuelling demands of todays high pressure global industries. The initial brief to our engineers and designers requested a product that would be versatile, strong and highly adaptable. By adhering to only first class manufacturing processes and using top grade materials, what emerged was a patented, innovative and game changing bunded tank design suitable for all site conditions. Our goal with the AceCube Tank was to not just to engineer a “fit for all purposes” fuel storage tank, but one which would also satisfy environmental concerns. The tank’s patented design prevents spillage and loss through fume evaporations or emissions, making it the preferred choice of discerning engineers and experts, in particular those with an eye on environmental requirements.

Our range of steel bunded tanks have undergone rigorous testing procedures at leading international laboratories and our tanks undergo continuous year round inspections from leading regulatory bodies to insure we keep up to date with continuously changing world legislation.

Its versatility, durability and intelligent design, has made it the preferred choice key decision makers and global captains of industry.