FUEL HUB Compact Variations

The FUEL HUB Compact tank range features a spacious equipment compartment that allows for the secure storage of fuel supplied by DyMac Global.

FUEL HUB Compact Range

FUEL HUB Compact

Sizes: 1100L to 11000L

The  design is available in six sizes (1100L, 2250L, 3300L, 4500L, 6600L, 8800L) and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. The FuelHub innovative and cutting edge design makes it the only option for key decision makers across the fuel distributionequipment rentalsminingoil and gas, and military organisations worldwide.

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We are focused on reducing carbon emissions throughout our business and supply chains by bringing the most innovative and advanced products to market in line with progress to a circular economy.

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Harvesting Clean Energy / Protecting Our Environment

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