Condor Energy PodMODEL (CEP-401)

Condor Energy Pod CEP-401 est un Micro Power Grid, récoltant de l'énergie à partir de quatre sources renouvelables au sein d'une unité innovante. Éolienne, solaire, générateur embarqué alimenté par HVO et bloc d'alimentation de batterie au lithium-ion.

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Available Product Sizes

CEP-301 CEP-401

REDUCED • Fuel • Noise • Emissions • Maintenance

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Reduced Fuel

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Reduced Noise

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Reduced Emissions

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Reduced Maintenance

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Condor Energy Pod CEP-401 Design Features

Control Panel

Auto start/stop generating sensor the battery voltage with multiple protection and automatic charging and IP65 control panel

Design Quality

The Condor Energy Pod 401 is a Hybrid power Genset featured by easy transportation, Quick installation, and Customization.

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Plug & Play

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Eco Smart

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Battery Bank

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External Power Input

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Generator Backup


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Condor Energy Pod CEP-401 Spécifications

General Specifications

Rated System Voltage
Max. Solar Power
4150 W
Daily Power Consumption
Storage Energy
Rated Genset Power
24 KW
Rated AC. Power
AC 230V
Rated DC. Power
DC 48V
Max. AC Load Power
10 KW
Ambient Operating System
-5~60° C
Storage Temperature
-15~60° C


Energy Storage Battery

Standby Generator


Solar Charger


Solar Panel

Wind-Power Charging Controller


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