AceCube Fuel Storage Tanks have been providing robust and reliable fuelling solutions across construction sites worldwide since 2007.

Whether you choose the AceCube “Standard”, “Versatile” or “All Terrain”, you can be confident fuelling will be quick, easy and safe. AceCube offers models which are suited for all weathers types, portable and designed to work using either direct feed or a fuel pump dispenser, making it the industry standard for the refuelling of excavators, lighting towers, diesel generators and water pumps to name but a few.

Fuel spillage and seepage on construction sites is a well established issue associated with the traditional single tank design. The AceCube Tank is designed with a 110% containment protection bund, making it essentially a tank within a tank. This innovative design guarantees that all hazardous materials are securely stored, both while in use and when stationary.

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