Fuel Distribution

Dymac Global understand that safe, constant fuel supply is pivotal to the success of any fuel distribution organisation. The effective management of the fuel supply chain requires an array of reliable and adaptable fuel storage tanks, which are also easy to use. This is why we kept these crucial requirements to the fore when designing the AceCube Range.

The range is equipped with a number of features to meet these needs including secure and lockable hatch lids. This allows fuel to be transferred safely on site. In addition, the tank’s unique, 3 tier design makes accessing the inner primary tank more effective for routine cleaning and maintenance. The original and innovative structure allows for ‘transportable when full” and ‘lifting when full’ solutions, meaning the AceCube Range is perfectly suited for the bulk fuel distribution industry.

The adaptability, strength and efficient design of the AceCube has ensured its place as the preferred choice for discerning industry experts.

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