As interest in engaging in environmentally safe practices and procedures continues to rise, state sponsored bodies, municipalities and government bodies often lead the way. Our aim when developing the AceCube Tank was to create an easy to use, top of the range fuel storage tank, while also satisfying environmental concerns.

The AceCube Storage Tank is designed with an easily accessible equipment compartment for the safe securing of pumps, filters and nozzles. This is coupled with a 3 tier component design that allows for ease of cleaning and of maintenance. It employs a unique secondary hatch which can be adapted to support bespoke user requirements. This flexible and dynamic design has made it the go to model for a number of government bodies. For example, it was recently adapted to support a larger fuel fill bowl and fumigation dispensing pipes which had been retro-fitted. It is also important to note that this second hatch plate design will reduce the need for inefficient on site adjustments.

The AceCube Range has demonstrated itself to be both flexible and easy to use. This is why the tank’s ingenious and dynamic design has been recognised worldwide and it has become the preferred choice for discerning engineers and experts, in particular those with an eye on environmental requirements.

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