At DyMac Canada we know that keeping numerous pieces of site machinery and equipment running during busy construction periods requires a robust and flexible fuelling solution.

That is why the AceCube Fuel Storage Tanks are at home on construction sites worldwide since 2007. Whether it is our AceCube “Standard”, “Versatile” or “All Terrain” models, we have a solution to suit your fuelling needs. The portable and adaptable AceCube Fuel Tanks, continue to provide optimum fuelling solutions for excavators, lighting towers, diesel generators and water pumps, on construction sites across the globe. By either direct feed or fuel pump dispensing  means, the AceCube insures fuelling is made quick, easy and effortless while reducing the amount of downtime required.

Another major consideration for any busy construction site has been the ongoing issue of fuel spillage and fuel seepage. The AceCube Tank offers a 110% containment protection bund, or the concept of a “Tank with in a Tank”. This intelligent and robust design insures that industrial and hazardous liquids are stored safely and securely either while onsite, in transport or stationary.