Diesel Generator Power

The AceCube and FuelTainer Tank Ranges are the primary fuelling solution provider for some of the largest diesel generator rental businesses of the modern economy. Either for single node standby applications or on large multi megawatt prime power stations, the AceCube and FuelTainer are the go to refuelling solution for global industries.

Our fuel storage tanks were primarily designed and engineered due to the diesel generator industry’s increasing demand for efficient bulk fuelling solutions. A number of our competitors modern rental packaged generator sets are manufactured with an 8 hour base tank, which means they are incapable of running for long periods, leading to frequent and very costly refuelling.

In order to reduce this downtime, a multi-functional, safe and secure bunded bulk fuel tank system was required. The fuel storage tank needed to be portable and transportable, easily adapted with quick fitting connectors and designed with reducers and hoses to allow for a for direct feed to multiple diesel generators. Finally our fuel storage tanks feature a secondary connections plate allowing them to run up to 5 diesel generator sets at any one time.