Equipment Rental

At DyMac Canada, we understand the rigours of the equipment rental industry and kept this in mind as we began designing the AceCube Fuel Storage Tank Range. The initial brief to our in-house engineers and designers requested a product that would be versatile, strong and highly adaptable. By adhering to only first class manufacturing processes and using top grade materials, we ensured it was tough enough to withstand even the most rugged of environments. What emerged was a patented, innovative and game changing bunded tank design suitable for all site conditions. With the added attraction of a now proven ROI value at the end of its hire life.

In fact, we are so confident in our design and manufacturing that we have named our tank ranges to reflect two of its core features: AceCube ‘Versatile’ and ‘All Terrain’. At DyMac Canada we are satisfied the AceCube has become the tank of choice for key decision makers in the equipment rental sector.