The AceCube and FuelTainer Range of steel bunded fuel storage tanks are ideal for military use. They have been designed to “stack and rack” across truck beds and to fit inside shipping containers, allowing them to be easily maneuvered for fast deployment and transportation. They come with forklift pockets and eye lifting hooks, designed for versatility of application and for all terrain’s.

To reduce fuel waste, this range of tanks have been designed to protect against overfilling and spillage, by providing a method which determines a safe fill level. The range is also designed to limit fume evaporations and emissions through valves and venting systems.

Our range of steel bunded tanks have undergone an eight point rigorous test procedure at leading international test laboratories. Tests include but are not limited to; a drop test, vibration test, hydrostatic high pressure water test and stress point expansion tests. DyMac tanks undergo continuous year round inspections from leading test bodies to insure we keep up to date with continuously changing world legislation. Available in powder coat paint finish of army green or mixed colours and manufactured with high grade steel, the AceCube and FuelTainer Ranges are the best in its field.