Governments, state sponsored organizations and municipalities are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. They lead the way in environmentally safe practices and procedures and the same is needed when dispensing industrial lubricants and fluids to above ground portable bunded tanks. Our goal with the AceCube Tank was to engineer a ‘’fit for all purposes’’ fuel storage tank which would not just satisfy environmental concerns, but would prove easy to use both on site and off.

The AceCube Fuel Storage Tank features an accessible equipment compartment for the safe securing of pumps, filters, hose reels and dispensing nozzles. It comes with a 3 tier component design that allows for ease of cleaning and of maintenance. But its unique secondary hatch lid (which comes with a blank plate as standard) can be further adapted to support accessories required by some government bodies and municipalities: for example, in some territories, a larger fuel fill bowl and or fumigation dispensing pipes have been retrofitted. It is equally important to note that this second hatch plate design precludes the need for costly on-site fabrication work.

The AceCube Range has proven extremely practical and highly adaptable. It has become the preferred choice of discerning engineers and experts, in particular those with an eye on environmental requirements.