AceCube Versatile DEF/PP Products

Designed for the Automatic Replenishing of DEF/ Adblue to your Stage V or Tier 4 final engine driven equipment.

The AceCube Versatile DEF/PP tank range has been designed as a simple stand-alone manual dispensing tank system. It can be adopted as an intelligent Automatic replenishing system supporting Tier 4 final USA engines and Stage V European Engines needing bulk Adblue/DEF supply on a long run basis.

AceCube Versatile DEF/PP ACV-DEF-PP-350L

AceCube Versatile DEF/PP

AceCube Versatile DEF/PP ACV-DEF-PP-850L

AceCube Versatile DEF/PP

The range comes with a removable PolyPlastic inner tank  and has an extra large equipment compartment which can house interface modules, temperature probes and heat trace hosing.

The design is available in two sizes (350L/100G and 850L/225G) and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. The AceCube Versatile Ad-blue/DEF replenishing system is fast becoming the Adblue/DEF tank solution of choice for discerning rental business owners worldwide.

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