FuelTainer Base Tanks Products

FuelTainer Base Tanks have been Primarily designed for the Storage of Bulk Fuels.

They are mainly used for positioning underneath large industrial diesel containerized generator sets. They are suitable for the large data centres, hospitals and commercial locations needing to save on space and take advantage of much-needed real estate on each site location.

FuelTainer Quarter Height FT-QH-12000L

FuelTainer Base Tanks
Quarter Height FT-QH-12000L

FuelTainer Half Height FT-HH-30500L

FuelTainer Base Tanks
Half Height FT-HH-30500L

The FuelTainer Base Tank range is available in two sizes FT-QH-12000L and FT-HH-30500L. The tank range is ISO, CSC and UL142 approved and can stack 9 tanks high when empty and 4 tanks high when full.

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