is a unique plug-n-play solar panel system designed to integrate with the Condor Micro power grid and the Lynx Battery energy storage system to provide a full on-site Captive Renewable Energy system.

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Captivating Onsite Renewable Energy is made possible with DyMac Renewable Power Products

The Falcon Solar Light-201

Falcon Solar Light

Lynx Power Bank 30-60

Lynx Power Bank

Lynx Power Bank Road Tow 45-45

Lynx Power Bank

Lynx Power Bank 100-200

Lynx Power Bank

Condor Energy Pod CEP-301

Condor Energy Pod

Condor Energy Pod CEP-401

Condor Energy Pod

Captivative Renewable Energy System


The Solar Energy Frame is able to produce up to 5kw of power. It is an unique plug ‘n’ play Solar Energy frame used to efficiently power lighting, heating and plug sockets inside an office accommodation unit.


Designed to make any temporary office accommodation setup more environmentally friendly, the Solar Energy Frame can be free standing or roof mounted to an appropriate sized office cabin utilizing onsite roof real estate and used in conjunction with a Lynx BESS to power whole on site set ups. Using this setup can make every 40ft, 32ft, 24ft or 20ft office cabin roof a renewable energy source.


The Solar Energy Frame is simple to set up and requires no installation. They come complete with two cables, one to be plugged directly into an accommodation unit and the other straight into a Lynx BESS or other power sources such the Condor Micro power grid.


The Solar panels in the frame can be angled for optimum input. They can be controlled by hydraulic actuators. With a simple push button operation the panels can be set at different angles to capture the maximum solar energy year round: Spring = half way Summer = max up Autumn = half way Winter = flat down Once solar power has been generated through the Solar Energy Frame, the energy will be used to power any heating, lighting or plug sockets inside the units.


Any left-over power produced during the day will be sent to the Lynx BESS to be stored in the Lithium Ion battery bank and strategically distributed on the site to the other office units connected within the Captivative Renewable Energy System setup.

Solar Energy Frame Default Specifications

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